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"Piranha" Direct Port Nozzle Kit - Product Image

"Piranha" Direct Port Nozzle Kit

When space is tight but performance is still a requirement, the patented "Piranha" nozzle is the answer. At just half the size of its big brother, the "Shark", the "Piranha" packs a powerful bite. Available in settings up to 600 horsepower, the Piranha will eat the competition alive! (Available with standard distribution blocks, high tech "Shower Heads" or optional "Next Generation" rail technology) Race fuel is required
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Price:   $899.00 

Shark Direct Port Nozzle Kit - Product Image

Shark Direct Port Nozzle Kit

With over 800 available horsepower plus the unbelievable options and technology that goes with it, The Shark Nozzle Systems have quickly become the flagship of Nitrous Express. If you really want the ultimate competition weapon, this is it. The patented NX "Shark" nozzle has proven to be the best nozzle on the market today. Why not ask our competitors who sell a copy of it? The options include "Shower Head" distribution blocks, or "Next Generation" rail technology, standard dual Shark nitrous "Ice Man" solenoids or a single "Super Shark" monster nitrous solenoid. Race fuel is required. Team up with the Shark. The ultimate predator.
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Price:   $949.00 

SX2 Dual Stage Nozzle - Product Image

SX2 Dual Stage Nozzle

The Shark SX2(US Patent # 5699776) is the world's first and only dual stage single nozzle. That's right, one nozzle with two stages. The design team at NX has spent extensive R&D time and thousands of dollars making the "SX2" perfect. With only one nozzle in the intake port, turbulence of the natural airflow is greatly reduced. No more drilling two sets of holes, hoping that your nozzles will clear once they are installed. The "SX2" is the most advanced nozzle on the market, period! It can deliver up to 300 horsepower per nozzle in single or dual stage configuration (200-1200hp) 8 nozzles, Racing Fuel jetting.
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Price:   $1,799.00 

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